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Social Mini Sites

Does anybody know how I can get a download link to the Social Mini Site product?

It's getting very frustrating, I have been waiting going on second day.

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 Got to thank Karthik Ramani for taking care of my issue...This is an awesome software once you get it working...You all don't give up on it.  I almost did but I knew it was a real deal cuz others are successful with it.  I don't know what he did with mine. He requested a screenshot video of my problem and a day later, it started working..I am glad I did not cancel cuz it is really awesome product.  It is very versatile and easy to use...

I think the problem is customer service is getting overwelmed due to lack of supporting how to videos.  If they would continuously add more how to videos for the places where clients are getting stuck, that would alleviate most of their back log.  And update via email to the clients when new videos are added to the forum.  Ididn't know until recently that this forum was available also. Love the products potential.  

I will answer one of my biggest problems that I've seen posted several times as a major issue causing people to believe the software isn't working properly after upgrading.

If you purchased the upgrade and thought your key or upgrade didn't work.  It does but because of lack of information you don't know what to do.  I sort of learned the hard way.

If you look at your social mini store platform and don't see all of the options as with the upgrade.  All you need to do is select your page from FaceBook after clicking create a tab.  Next you will choose a template and after saving you will see that all of your options will appear.  That Simple :-)  But you wouldn't know without direction.

And here's a did you know:

Did you know once you make some changes and save and preview, you can then make changes from the preview screen (which I like better).  Just click on what you want to change and options will appear to your left of all changes and add-ons that you can make.  

Peace and Blessings :-)

Another suggestion for support is to create a pdf for our client's administrative area that would show them how to update their info or products.   

I have pretty much had it with this outfit, their support totally sucks and that is a real shame because their product does offer a lot of potential. Over the weekend I found another product similar to theirs, a bit more complex, but from what I have seen so far it is just as good if not better. I probably will make a post on the WF about the support issue.

I have had it with these guys, first thing in the morning I am asking for a refund. They are not the only ones that have a good product for FB and I am taking my money elsewhere. I will drop JVZoo a note about this wonderful experience. If these Jargon guys don't care to support their product, sure as heck I am not going to support their efforts with my money.