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Social Mini Sites

Does anybody know how I can get a download link to the Social Mini Site product?

It's getting very frustrating, I have been waiting going on second day.

6 people have this problem

Hey all, this is a ticket response I wanted to post because they really responded to my problems and educated me in the process. 

On Sat, Dec 14 at 4:25 PM , Michael Harris<> wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks and the issue is closed. I don't believe enough people know about the FB window you told me about. I have looked there many times and had no idea what it did. I do understand more now and I believe the app is excellent. May upgrade later if till available in a month or 2. Just don't have the money right now to do so, nothing to do with the software. Again, thanks and I will be posting in the forums that you do answer customer concerns and resolve the issues as you say you will. Thanks again. 

If you are having problems continue to post and they will get your issue resolved. I will have no problem upgrading in the future to get the unlimited version. It is really easy to use.



i got into my purchase today.

Did anyone get some response?  I got the webinar notice late. I missed it.  It seems like some people are having some success...but I can't get my mini store up and I missing something here?

My link does not work at all and still waiting for an answer! Very bad customer support!!!!!!


I have placed a couple of questions in the help area only to be promised that someone would look into it and get back to me with a resolve. They forgot to mention that I would be forgotten and never hear from anyone.

Hi guys,

I did not even know this forum existed... I just joined.

I want to thank George for bringing this to my attention.

This is not my software, I'm only in charge of the Front End, and I helped them with some of the presenations.

I can tell you I am using it without an issue, and I can also tell you I will help you where I can.

I have a little bit of pull with the developers in this company... so I will see if I can express some of the concerns people are having...

Also, there is a Facebook Group, that I have been monitoring:

If you guys will join that I will approve it, and help you the best way I can.

All The Best,

Jim, I am almost starting to think that replies to questions concerning the product must have been a One Time Offer that I overlooked.

@chad, is it just me or that Facebook link is not working?


It's working for me ... I dunno

Hi Chad, thanks for jumping in and trying to help, much appreciated. I had the same problem initially  that Prisqua.c has, but finally got someones attention there and it was fixed. I sure hope that things get better from a support point of view, those guys are only hurting themselves in the long run.

Chad Niceley may be able to be of some influence in getting the Jargonites to respond to support issues.

Hey George , 

Am sorry about the delay in replying and trying to guide people on learning the product , we are getting bunch load new features getting rolled out every day , also am teaching a lot of people to use the tool using skype screen share , if you want a personalized walk through or support from me please add my skype car_ssn and we can go over the product. Just so you know we have more than 2000 people using the product and we are doing our best to teach every one using the product and in the next few days all the tickets will be closed and the response time will be less than 24 hours going forward. We have a ton planned for you and thank you so much for your patience and support. 



just niow I cannot access the site on the URL where it says Connect with Facebook.  Says the Javascript is null


I upgraded to pro and was going to spend another 97 dollars but not with this type of support