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Can you add multiple "Tabs" to a Facebook Fan/Business Page?

I think it would be useful if you could add multiple "Mini Store Tabs" to a Facebook Fan/Business Page?

Is this possible?



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I had assumed that this was possible. Please confirm?



I'm not sure...but it appears you can only add 1 tab per Fan/Business page.


I also had assumed unlimited tabs would be available second reason I am still asking for a refund


I purchased the PRO Version and expected to find a full-loaded site. For starters, I could not find any Fan Page Tab in the drop down list to Install, and the 'Add Clients' & 'Like Gateway' Tabs are missing too! Any idea?


@Jo G - I am finding the same issue with the Pro version i.e. no Add Clients or Like Gateway...I just stupidfy paid out another $47 for the 'developers' license, not realising that it is exactly the same as the Pro version which I already paid $67 the circumstances, as the products are 'not as described', I shall be lodging a Paypal resolution for a refund...

Allow multiple tabs on a single FB page. 

This is a feature I hope to see. 

Loving the product so far though guys. 

Karthik and his team are gangster programmers!

First of all we removed that feature because we didn't want the same tab to be all over a single fan page. You will have to understand that this is a page app. Installing a separate tab means installing a new app in a fan page so you will have to again authorize a new app for your fan pages for every tab . If some body wants to install 50 apps in a single fan page it will flag and its not something right . That's why we have disabled this feature when we were developing it in the first place. 

But i have a few customers  that dont want to go through the trouble creating a separate fan page for a tab. We are with you and every one of your feedback matters a lot to me.

So we are working on a new idea where in we will allow installing the app in a tab more than once in a single fan page but it will not be unlimited , we will have having a cap on the same. 

Watch out my emails regarding updates for the same and thanks to all of you for your support and feedback. 



So at the moment, we can only add one tab per facebook page, is that correct? I tried adding one to a test page I have, and then adding another and of course it just overwrites the existing tab.

Another vote for more than one please, quite happy to have a cap on how many though.


It appears I do not have the client tab or the like gateway on my version.  Has there been an amendment or something?

Hi Howard , paste your receipt of purchase in the support desk with any issue and that will be looked into as soon as possible. 

I am not exactly understand 'app' in this sense ... generally yes .. my question is .. what if you used a wordpress theme designed for fb install ..or is this contrary to the function of this 'app'?? ....??/ no way it can be done??

Glad to hear that you are working to allow more than a single tab per fan page. I can already see where there are many reasons to use more than a single tab. Let's say that you have installed an optin app on one page wouldn't it be nice to redirect then to another tab/app on the same page that says Thank You?

Anyway just a though. I also understand that you are hosting all of these tabs so I am sure that this figures into your decision to limit the number but even so a limit of a single tab seems a bit too limited. Still love the software and hoping that the limit will be increased to three at the very least. Thanks


Facebook allows up to 9 different tab apps per FB Page so you would not be able to add any duplicate tabs even if you  wanted to.  In addition to that, most people will only see the top 2 or 3 that show up next to photos anyway.  

The majority of users don't even know that clicking the little carat ^ makes the other 9 tabs appear below the top line.  Adding more than 3 Tabs that will be seen all the time isn't really worth the trouble, is it? 

I would like to use more than one tab per page for advertisement purposes. I want to be able to show the different options they can purchase, store, capture page, sales page, video seminar, etc.

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