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How to make the payment buttons active so that people can purchase?

I want to make it so that people can buy right from that facebook page and not link. 

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is this forum for real?  how come I can't get any there a Skype group or facebook group??anyone there?????


I think the "Buy Now" can be directly to the shopping cart, If it go to the link, how to setup it? I don't have Online shop. Tutorial please ....


If you have paypal account you can easily activate the buttons with paypal.  Paypal actually has video tutorials to walk you through the process.  Once setup on the Paypal side you would then add the link under the photo area in the store that asks for the button link.  Paypal will give you an email link.

My problem with that is I can only allow my clients to purchase one product at a time not to accumulate to Paypals cart and total shipping and tax at the end, at least I'm waiting for support to answer that questions I sent them.

Right now my clients purchase one item with shipping and tax I set up in Paypal, however I need for them to be able to pay shipping and tax once if they purchase several items.  

The way it is now will have them only order one item or none because they have to pay for each items tax and shipping.  Not cool.  I hope they respond soon.

Has the issue of not being able to collect items before paying (laticia's comment ) been resolved?

@laticia taylor

Sounds like your using a Buy Now button Paypal does have Add to Cart button. They have even a review Cart button but not sure how it would work on this platform to return to listing


I cannot get an answer from support. It has been more than 7 days and counting!

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