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Suggestions for additions & alterations

I am quite impressed with the Social Mini Store the we have been given to work with. However, I believe there are perhaps a couple of additions and refinements that could make this a real show stopper.

These comments are not criticisms of the fine work that has already been done but observations as to what would be a definite asset to this tool.

1) Mobile responsive formatting.

2) The ability to save templates that have been created.

3) FaceBook share buttons in the same proximity as the comments area with the option as to where it is shared as is done on the Facebook platform.

4) More Google font styles.

5) A space to record not only the Client FB UserID, but also the Name.

Again, I don't want to sound ungrateful for the tremendous work that has already been done, I am simply suggesting the above as items that I have found that would make this tool even more useful.

J. Bond


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Hey Jim , 

These are some cool features you have suggested . 

1.) Mobile responsive formatting - This is definitely in our to-do list but should take some time. 

2.) Save templates - Already on the cards will do it soon. 

3.) Share Buttons , google fonts and clients name in the add clients section are good features and have added to our new to-do list. 

Thank you so much again for your time and support. 




Thank you so much for your quick response. Do you have any idea how much time it will take to ad the mobile responsive formatting? My whole business is dependant on this. We sell advertising that is use on restaurant placemats such as the one I've attached. Each of these ads have a QR code on them which directs the viewer with their mobile device to a mobile friendly website. This enables the advertiser to sell more to this person. The placemats are the hottest form of static printed advertising because they have a captive audience that reads them while they wait for their meal.

Anyway, you can see how important this is and with the whole industry moving toward mobile devices and not desktop computing, how vital this is even for your product. If if doesn't have mobile device compatibility, there's a large percentage of people that won't spend time on that page. 

I'm sorry if I come across as impatient, but I think you'll agree that there's a lot at stake here for both of us.

(493 KB)

Is there a way to remove the Social Mini Store Branding off of the clients admin area?  What would stop them from entering the name in google, finding the product themselves and buying if from you instead of me? Or stop their reoccuring payments for my services and start their own?

Can you please remove your branding from the clients admin area?

Another suggestions.... Please Please allow the platform while working on your site to either auto save or do not shut you down and make you relog in without saving what you have been working on.  This has happened to me three times tonight and the last time I had done alot of work and when I hit save it goes back to login to facebook button.  I don't even remember everything I wrote.  Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks...

Auto save option is a good suggestion , we will add that up to our to do list as well laticia. Thanks for helping us improvise the tool. 



Had to log back in to say thank you for listening and implementing that suggestion right away.  Again I had forgotten about hitting save and hit save late, it did make me hit the Facebook log in but this time my data was there.  You guys are doing well. Hope you continue to add more features.

Just wanted people to know that you are listening eventhough the  response may not be right away. 

Thanks Karthik :-) 

I would like to see more detailed, in depth, how to videos. Being a newbie to all this, I'm having trouble even getting started.It would really be appreciated. Thanks!


Can I suggest that you build your app first before publishing/uploading it to your fanpage?
That way you are able to build, correct any mistakes before anyone else can see it on the page.

I think it should be: select an app => build => preview then install rather than INSTALL straightaway?



Does adding this code make the page responsive?  If not, what does it do?

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">

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