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Conditional or Logical Response in SocialMobiSurveys (from Ticket 13589)

Is a Conditional Response possible in SocialMobiSurveys?

Example, if Response to a question is A) then X is displayed as next Question

If Response is B) then Y is displayed as next question

This would be a really cool feature if it is not already available

Karthik Ramani

said 2 days ago

Hi Trevor clare,
We have big plans for this product and we are planning to integrate logical flow into this. But we dont have an immediate ETA for it yet , but keep giving your feature requests and we will add it to queue, hoping to make this the best survey product for you.

Thanks & Regards

Karthik Ramani Support Team

Trevor clare

said about 16 hours ago

Thanks for the prompt response to my direct support ticket. Could you add Logical flow / Conditional Response to Feature Requests in Forums so it is visible to other users. I note that many of the forum postings are not answered so it seems admin support tickets have priority over Forums.

Karthik Ramani

said about 4 hours ago

Hi Trevor,
Unfortunately, we will not be able to add logical flow in this current tool immediately. We have noted down this request and will try to implement it in the next version. If you need anything at all please please reply to this ticket and we will be more than glad to help you out. We have put so much efforts in this tool, we want this to be the best survey tool in market and looking forward for your feedback and we will strive hard to serve you better.


Thanks & Regards

Karthik Ramani Support Team

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Hi there,

All this new features will be included into the White Label Version?

Please don't forget the statistics with the new features (conditional questions/answers), it will be great if the software include pies and bars as graphics reports and statistics.

Best regards,



Thank you for your post. 

Conditional Response will involve a lot of coding and we are planning to add it.

However, we do not have a concrete date for the same.

We will keep you posted on the updates


Karthik Ramani

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