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Remove all references to social mobi deals

Great bit of software

Unfortunately at the moment when a survey loads you can see that it is loading from (even with the white label)

Also if you view the page source then there are multiple references to socialmobideals

If I am to sell this which is why I bought all the OTOs it's vital that these references 

are removed


This would be very welcome otherwise potential clients will see right through us


 I have the same problem, when all these references are removed? By the other hand, when I create a CNAME record for my white label subdomain, the members area appears without logos and custom colors, but if I use the subdomain asigned by socialmobisurveys, all the configurations appear.

Also this message still remain in the reseller area: "Subdomain Settings | Members area will be available In more than 30 languages from Nov 1st..... I still waiting, but the multi languages option doesn't appear.

Best regards,


Yeah, wonder how many other Mobi products have that issue?


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