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Social Directory: Driving Traffic? Lets Share Monetizing Secrets!

I just purchased Social Directory and I'm thinking it'd be awesome to share traffic and monetizing 'secrets' so we can learn from each other.

I have not set it up yet but I'll keep posted.

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I would like to know how and most importantly where is the import feature?  

Let me know you thoughts on this traffic and I will give you what I'm using to drive traffic to my website.

 @Will The import feature is at the top when your in the category and listings screen. I created a default template to use for importing its in the group i created above under files

yw Will


I just purchased Social Directory as well.  I would also love to brainstorm and share traffic and monetizing secrets!

hi guys 

Do any one know if there is any plans to set up at Facebook Group for knowledge sharings or should we start one ourselfes?

I have created a group for Social Directory  attached is the FB address

Hi, yes would like to share experiences to - I can't wait for the reactions when I launch :)


Is there a charge for businesses to be listed in a directory? If so, what range of charges have been requested to be listed?

If you have required payment to be listed, is there any perimeters that the charges were based upon? i.e. size of city or niche being listed.

i am now busy setting up a FB Group. Will update on progress here.

Did anyone set up a FB group? Sarrol, are you doing this? Please let us know once the FB group has been created. I realize this is a volunteer effort, so if you do not have time, I'm sure that we will understand. My gmail address is in case anyone on here would like to contact me. I am looking forward to a FB group where we can share.

So it would be great if you could create a spread sheet with names and addresses and just upload it. I know that there is an import export button but it seems unclear as how to do this.


 Hey Guys HEADS UP I have created a Social Directory Facebook page.  Look at the attachment for the link.


Rob, I can not find the FB group mentioned? would love to join...

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