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Facebook Directory Feature Requests

1. The ability to sort by Category and Listing within a category.

2. The ability to pass up to 2 optional parameters in the Directory URL. One for the Category and one for the listing.  This way, if a client with a listing can get the URL directly to his listing and be able to use that on websites, blogs, etc.

3. Ability to search and filter the listings and categories, perhaps even by zipcode.

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Also, the ability to manage the order of Categories and Listings.   Newly added categories or listings default to the bottom of the list.  Need to be able to arrange them in any order desired.  Maybe making the admin interface where you can drag a category or listing to your desired spot.

G'Day Folks

I think these are great ideas as I would like the same features

In particular, the ability to have a keyword search or quick type when surfers are looking for a particular something.  Eg.  I would like to have a Directory with all Cities / Towns in Australia 9.000 +.

If a surfer could start typing the City /Town and the Categories were short listed - That would be good

You could have City / Postcode so they could search for either.

The ability to position Categories (or have them appear Alphabetical)ly would be good

However the Listings need to be able to be numbered or something as the first few listings of each category must be considered prime real-estate and therefore command a higher fee etc

Domenic - I haven't looked yet, bu,t maybe you could get a Listing URL by opening the Listing and copying the URL??  Then forwarding the URL to a Client or pasting it where ever you wanted?

Looking forward to getting my first Directory Fan Page up and profitable

Kind Regards



When the listing client supplies a phone # for the listing, a Quick Call button appears in the listing.

When testing, I could figure out how to get this to work so I submitted a ticket.

The reply was: 

1. Make sure you have skype or viber in your desktop

2. Make sure you put the country code before the phone number.

Since I could not figure this out and there was no documentation that I was able to find, 

then visitors will have the same problem, leading them and the paying client to think the

app does not work.  

Can you add a mouseover event to the button that will display instructions to the user to 

load Skpe or Viber (I don;t know what that is).

Better yet, if the QUICK CALL button is displayed, have a line of text display underneath all 

the buttons (Map, Fanpage, Quick Call) stating that Skype,Viber must be running.

You could probably reduce the font size a bit and add an asterisk )*) as a prefix.



Great suggestions - I had put some few myself which I had posted to support and will share with you now:

Change the order of the categories and listings

The list of categories added can be restructured as one adds more categories - i.e alfabetic order or self choosen menu order 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.. 

The same goes for the listings too.

answer: will be possible in next update version.


Disable review comments on listingpage?

Some costumers will find it stressfull that everybody can leave a review with out they being in control of their review comments on the listingspage.

Could you make a diable choice for this?


@Siri Drachmann


I know in my own directory I wont be giving that option to disable reviews. People reseaching a business will find reviews on google anyways. There are lots of review sites out there.

I personally think that if a business doesnt want reviews leaves me to think they are a shady business. Every business will have positive and negative reviews. Hopefully more positive than negative. I dont even look at a business testimonials on the business website because i know they will only be positive

I will look for the negative reviews using google search. I want to see the online conversation between the business with the person who left the negative review.

Any business success is based upon relationships. If the business treats customers good inspite of any issues that happen will find their business will grow

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