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Create Campaing From Lead Monster And Transfer It To My Own Platform

Can I create a campaigns on Lead Monster and transfer all the files or codes to host it on my own server or domain name as if that will be my template with all the campaigns already connected to it?

So instead of hosting all my campaigns that I recently created on Lead Monster Platform I can just Copy everything from coding or scripts whatever and plug it in on my own domain name so that I cannot or need to install a template for my domain name.

Or even buy or outsourcing any new template and build a funnel on my own domain name. Can it be possible that this system can do it?

So I can run my squeeze page with all the campaigns funnel and not to worry about any squeeze pages design or any template to install etc.

And everything should run through my own domain name.

Can this be done on Lead Monster?

I like to host every campaigns or plug any campaigns with any funnel with my own domain name and Lead Monster is like a platform that I can customize every template and create a campaigns and plug everything I created on my own funnel and my own domain names etc.

Will this system can do that?

Because I really do like to own my own campaigns and customize templates etc on my own platform instead of the free ones that I can host everything in it.

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