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Can You please add a CSS field to each element of VIDEOHUB?

Can You please add a CSS field to each element of VIDEOHUB?

VideoHub is a Very powerful tool. It's capabilities really ought to be better matched with the flexibility to control the display. I believe this will make VideoHub much better in uniqueness of galleries and less able to be subject to the similar negative as 'banner blindness'.

Granted the simplicity but those who do not wish to bother changing the presentation aspects can just ignore them.

Here is an example that may convey some of my pain.

I have a current project where I will be using about 60 categories with 1 to 4 videos in each one. Only a small subset of templates could potentially work but actually due to conflicting design colors, padding etc. only 1 will work. It is a good thing that one does work but this particular template would not have been my first choice so I have to settle for what I can get.

The remainders have issues like the description being masked by background colors and various other unacceptable conditions. With a CSS field to make a style entry I could work through them. Just being able to add a background image instead of only picking a color would be immense.

It is actually pretty sad considering the potential VideoHub has to offer, that it is cobbled in the design flexibility. I heard what Chad said in the video about not worrying about design.

In this case the gallery is for a business website that among other things offers website design and so while I believe Chad's advice is great we should not try to paint everybody with the same brush.

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