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Requests for Social Directory

 Here are a few feature suggestions I would like you to add to the Directory
script and I am sure many other members would like to see these features as
well since this tool could be used globally.

1. A way that we could translate everything inside client admin area and/or
at the frontend the pages which are shown in Facebook pages that the directories
could be used in foreign countries as well. I just have a interested person
from Germany but without any chance to translate the output she won't order a
directory which could let me lose hundreds of dollars per month. :-(

Most of the stuff is already able to translate but things like the
Facebook Comments Plugin is completely shown in English. I just checked
the Facebook developer page for taht plugin and it shows that there is
only one line of code which needs 2 characters replaced for any required language i.e.
js.src = "//";

fr_FR is the code for France while
en_US is used for US English

The texts below the icons are also only shown in English i.e. Quick Call.

The review section also shows "Share your experience" and "Let us know your comments"
and the button says "Review". These cannot be translated at the moment as well.

When clicking the text link for sending more infos the popup subscription
form shows "Name", "Email", Phone Number" and "Submit (Button)" and they are don't changable as well.

The "?" for hints next to the drop down menus also only shows the hints in English.

One last suggestion I have for the API (autoresponders) section.
Maybe you can add a form field that someone who uses a self installed
autoresponder script can add the created web code into a form field
that the subscribers will be added to those autoresponders as well?

All in all I love the script and would like to see those changes asap
that I can take it to the next level in my business.



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