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Lead Monster "Change Image" tab

After absolutely horrifying (twice now) experiences with images from the library vanishing, 

Why not make the tab to change images hold the hot spot values and settings in place instead of having to do the whole campaign over after for whatever reason the library keeps vanishing.

Actually, it seems from what I can see that the image library is 'common" and shared by all uses. This is dangerous and raises some privacy issues.

I should not b able "guess" easily the URL of images that other members have uploaded which I can simply by changing the image number.

Doing this I was able to look at and view several images that do not belong to me and were obviously uploaded by other members. Thats is really scary to me that others can have access to my images.

If you can't see why my suggestion should be implemented ASAP AND why this is a real security issue, then it may be time for me to look elsewhere for a service provider that takes such issues a little more seriously.

I like this idea.

Glad someone is listing even if it isn't the admin

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