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Social Mini Sites

Does anybody know how I can get a download link to the Social Mini Site product?

It's getting very frustrating, I have been waiting going on second day.

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I have had it with these guys, first thing in the morning I am asking for a refund. They are not the only ones that have a good product for FB and I am taking my money elsewhere. I will drop JVZoo a note about this wonderful experience. If these Jargon guys don't care to support their product, sure as heck I am not going to support their efforts with my money.

Did anyone get some response?  I got the webinar notice late. I missed it.  It seems like some people are having some success...but I can't get my mini store up and I missing something here?

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I have placed a couple of questions in the help area only to be promised that someone would look into it and get back to me with a resolve. They forgot to mention that I would be forgotten and never hear from anyone.

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Jim, I am almost starting to think that replies to questions concerning the product must have been a One Time Offer that I overlooked.

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just niow I cannot access the site on the URL where it says Connect with Facebook.  Says the Javascript is null


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I upgraded to pro and was going to spend another 97 dollars but not with this type of support


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I have pretty much had it with this outfit, their support totally sucks and that is a real shame because their product does offer a lot of potential. Over the weekend I found another product similar to theirs, a bit more complex, but from what I have seen so far it is just as good if not better. I probably will make a post on the WF about the support issue.

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i got into my purchase today.

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My link does not work at all and still waiting for an answer! Very bad customer support!!!!!!


Hi guys,

I did not even know this forum existed... I just joined.

I want to thank George for bringing this to my attention.

This is not my software, I'm only in charge of the Front End, and I helped them with some of the presenations.

I can tell you I am using it without an issue, and I can also tell you I will help you where I can.

I have a little bit of pull with the developers in this company... so I will see if I can express some of the concerns people are having...

Also, there is a Facebook Group, that I have been monitoring:

If you guys will join that I will approve it, and help you the best way I can.

All The Best,

@chad, is it just me or that Facebook link is not working?


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It's working for me ... I dunno

Hi Chad, thanks for jumping in and trying to help, much appreciated. I had the same problem initially  that Prisqua.c has, but finally got someones attention there and it was fixed. I sure hope that things get better from a support point of view, those guys are only hurting themselves in the long run.

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Chad Niceley may be able to be of some influence in getting the Jargonites to respond to support issues.