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Autoresponder Integration

I am a total newbie in FB marketing.

Can you please give me a rundown on how to properly set up a webform using

I've tried to implement it, but it does not work correctly.

I'm sure I have to edit the web form templates in a certain way so that they work together with List Builder, I just don't know how.

Which web form template is best recommended?

What fields and parts of the webform need to be there or deleted to work best?

Which redirect for the thank you page should be chosen?

What part exactly of the HTML code needs to be copied and transferred to the list builder box for inserting the auto responder?

Thank you

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I am a total beginner in Online Marketing,


I haven't sold anything yet because I don't know anything about the technique


However, I bought a maximum of software to start and


despite that, I'm stuck because I don't know how to configure an auto-responder


MaxiFunnel and it is not in the list of your Marketpresso integrations


It’s not the only problem I’m having,


I don't speak English and I thought I could get my business started


thanks to Google translate, but that's not enough,


because Webinars and videos (viméo), are not transcribed in French.


These are my difficulties.


My question is -


- To which (Specialist or service) can I delegate this work?


for example: Developer, Bilingual Manager, etc ...


knowing that he will have to translate everything for a French audience


and - How much could it cost me if I had to delegate this work?


Thanks in advance See you soon


   Hayette TEBIB

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Je suis total débutante dans le Marketing en ligne,

Je n'ai encore rien vendu car je n'y connais rien à la technique

J'ai pourtant acheté un Maximum de logiciel pour démarrer et 

malgré ça, je suis bloqué car je ne sais pas configurer un auto-répondeur

MaxiFunnel et il ne se trouve pas, dans la liste de vos intégrations de Marketpresso

Ce n'ai pas le seul problème que je rencontre, 

je ne parle pas Anglais et je pensais y arriver à démarrer mon affaire

grâce à Google translate, mais ce n'ai pas suffisant,

car les Webinaires et vidéos (viméo),ne sont pas transcrit en Français.

Voilà mes difficultés.

Ma question est -  

- A quelle (Spécialiste ou service) puis-je déléguer ce travail?

par ex: Développeur, Manager bilingue,etc...

en sachant qu'il devra traduire le tout pour un public Français

et - Combien cela pourrait me coûter si je devait déléguer ce travail?

Merci d'avance à Bientôt

  Hayette TEBIB

Are those that sign up to be part of a directory listing able to have access to the autoresponder aspect of SD or is that only available to me as the owner?

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