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Product Not Functioning Correctly

I had all kinds of trouble getting everything to come together the way it should. Once I got it saved to use the free giveaway function the javascript for the pop up function worked one time and then would not work again after that. The javascript for the form at the bottom of your page makes the squeeze page get cut almost in half. Then I checked the tab showing the giveaway box, if a person visits your site and clicks that tab it takes them into the setup for the giveaway feature instead of taking them to the squeeze page as it should. Your campaign link that should go to your squeeze page goes right back to your starting page where you begin setting up your Give away list campaign to start with,so anyone that gets access to this part of your system can make changes to it and mess up your campaign. It should go to your squeeze page.

This will be an awsome product if they get the bugs out.

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I am getting ready to do a blog post on this product,as of right now I am not real impressed.

I have turned in support tickets that have gone unanswered yet they still are having live webinars as opposed to taking care of the people that have purchased the product. So if they have the time to sell it on the weekend they should be able to support it too. You can find my review here.

Scott - you don't seem to have had a reply, I'm not sure whether thats because they've fixed it for you or not.  I've got exactly the same problem, I've just bought Social Marketing Suite which I think is from the same team, but I'm hoping that support may improve. I also think with the change in fb page layout Karthik & his team could have helped his customers more, to reassure them/us that after just 2-3 months FPLB is now not obsolete, does make you wonder when new products keep getting released without the previous products being fixed. Fingers crossed, they'll sort out this problem on FPLB I certainly couldn't offer it to a client, knowing that when they click on the tab it may take them to the set up page for the give-away. Doesn't look that professional does it? Cheers

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