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FB Business Finder Software. Unable To Activate

Dear folks

I bought a copy of FB Business Finder a while back and can not activate it. I am using the codes sent to me when I bought it. It will not let me past the activation screen.

Purchase Details:


Product: FB Business Finder

Price: $9.31

Payment Id: AP-5AT00922YY751122X

Any help?



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the same problem as above, I am not able to activate it, please help.

Payment Id: AP-1HL01464JS641734W

Thank you.

Best regards,

Miloslav Jezo

Unable to activate Social LEAD wizard.   

there seems a lot of things not to work... ?!... Frankly speaking I don't yet know for what this portal stands.. I didn' get an answer . What do I have to pay for what ?best regards H.Peter Gruen

When I had bought Social Mini Store a while back and FB Business Finder was a bonus I love this app! My PC was stolen and I lost almost everything including FB Business Finder so I after crying for a few days lol I tried to go back to the bonus page to download a new copy of FB Business Finder and got a broken link I have been searching ever sense for a copy.  Have not had any luck. Until I stumbled upon this support section like it was fate. Do You have a copy you could send me?

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You mean your personal computer stolen? Wtf dude, hahaha,sorry but i cant stop myself, howd the heck you didnt notice or its on a repair shop where its robbed?
By d way could anyone state clearly what does this fb biz finder really do? Who knows i can be of help
i am ArbZ, FB Biz Finder simplified the process of searching for all businesses of a certain type that have Facebook pages within a city. You could search by keyword for dentists, plumbers, restaurants, etc. It also could find Facebook pages that don't have cover images so we'd have an opportunity to make a little money providing a cover service. It provided hyperlinks for all the pages in the search results.

Unfortunately, it's not working for me anymore. This is certainly because of the never-ending changes of Facebook. I'm wondering if Karthik and the Jargon Handlers are going to update it for us. In my book, keeping the software I purchased operational (and, perhaps, adding features) goes FAR in building like and trust. I hope you're hearing me, Karthik and the JH crew.

I am trying to get Social Mini Store to work. I click on the button "Connect With Facebook" and nothing happens!  Please fix this. Paid lots of money, quite some time ago, but the time should not matter. I expect this to work as advertised. Thanks.
Pierre Gelinas


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