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Did not get an email for Social Marketing Suite.

Did not get an email for Social Marketing Suite to launch the product.


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I didn't get an Email either.


Hi, Just want to inform you that I did not receive any email from you to launch my social marketing suite software.The date of purchase was:

Monday 23rd of June 2014 09:12:45 AM

Pls try and rectify it in earnest.


What is it that I'm to be rectifying ? I'd like to know from somebody  because I can very well request for my money back right now! So ! Tell me what are you talking about?


I did not receive and email either. Have you all gotten access?

 Yes, I did get it

Thank You

I did get a reply to my support ticket yesterday and was able to get access.

I paid for the upgrade of the Seminars-where are these to be accessed?


Improvised the QR code scanning feature which takes 
you directly to the members area. Dose not Work !! THE QR Code is not getting printed in the PDF

dude, not receive any link to download...please senf link to plugin or refound my money. tks

 I bought the social ad maker since on the 16th of this dec,but no login was sent to me or direction on where to go for my product.I'm a kind of clueless how to handle the situation.What can i do?


No email has shown up in my email account.


I am looking for my email. Cannot see that I got one.

I didnt get an email for my product. Is this a scam?

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