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Forums not monitored and few responses

Just purchased the basic SocialMobiSurveys and came to the Forums for Support. Unfortunately, it appears Forums are not monitored as there are posts from many months ago without a response, which is a shame. This means support and discussion between members and support admins is limited and people don't bother to come back.

However, having only purchased a couple of days ago I have raised two tickets and received a timely response between a couple of hours and next day from Karthik at the Support Team. So this seems the way to go.

Not sure if support tickets are available to other members so the only way to share information is to post the response in the forum.

Given the small number of posts on the forum it wouldn't take much time for Support to give the forum the same priority as tickets. Are you listening Karthik?

SocialMobiSurveys is a good product and has potential but has some annoying bugs. Hopeful these can be resolved with Support tickets so don't give up.

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Hi Trevor, 

All our customers raise support tickets when they have any issues and we ensure that we address their queries at the earliest. 

It was definitely a mistake on our part for not having monitored this forum. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

Thank you for pointing out this mistake. Moving forward, we will ensure that we will monitor the form and support customers in every possible way. 

And thank you for your kind comments on the Social Mobi Surveys. We have put in a lot of efforts to ensure that our customers get an easy-to-use tool that has a better value for money. We have been getting positive reviews so far with a few feature requests as well. We are trying our best to make this the best survey tool in the market. 

I also understand that you have few queries in the support tickets. The team is working round the clock on the tickets. Do reply to the tickets whenever you have any queries. 

Looking forward to serving you,


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