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Social Directory: Driving Traffic? Lets Share Monetizing Secrets!

I just purchased Social Directory and I'm thinking it'd be awesome to share traffic and monetizing 'secrets' so we can learn from each other.

I have not set it up yet but I'll keep posted.

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Look at the attachments.

Rob, I can not find the FB group mentioned? would love to join...

 Hey Guys HEADS UP I have created a Social Directory Facebook page.  Look at the attachment for the link.


I have created a group for Social Directory  attached is the FB address

I bought social directory and I can't get anything to work. I purchased it on 2/4/15, because I was unable to sign, they sent me a link to the sign-in page. But, I have visited their "Solutions" page and when I click on the "getting started" link. The only thing that I get is a question, "Was this information helpful?" Which leaves me with the question, What information? It sure would be nice to see a video or even a PDFS that explains how this software works. Does anyone know how to get started using this software? I'm about ready to just request my money back. I don't know what to do!

i am now busy setting up a FB Group. Will update on progress here.

Did anyone set up a FB group? Sarrol, are you doing this? Please let us know once the FB group has been created. I realize this is a volunteer effort, so if you do not have time, I'm sure that we will understand. My gmail address is in case anyone on here would like to contact me. I am looking forward to a FB group where we can share.

hi ch, i would like to get some help in making promo video for local businesses. thank you
hi, if anyone can set up FB Group, it would be awesome. I would like to help anyone to create a list of their specific niche and pm it to them. Lets set up the group and assist each other to make this a success for everyone. Just state your niche for the directory like, restaurant, city and i will create a list for you. Also add your email address to which i must post the list. thanks for all your valuable input.
yw Will


much appreciated Stan, I found right after posting but looked forever b4 posting.( frustrated laugh...)
I guess I had to first make some test Cats. and Listings. Thx for your time buddy!


 @Will The import feature is at the top when your in the category and listings screen. I created a default template to use for importing its in the group i created above under files

I would like to know how and most importantly where is the import feature?  

If you want to know how to make fast & easy testimonial videos for local business, let me know.

@ tim, @JP,

I think you have excellent ideas for monetizing.  The more traffic you have the more valuable your page will be to local business.  I'd consider giving business a 1 year free coupons deal in the beginning ...or up to a certain number of business in each specific category.

As you get higher traffic levels - then charge business more each time you add/ up-sell a new customer.

I think my strategy will be to outsource the spreadsheet data to build the initial site. Should be relatively cheap -I think. Then start bringing traffic to the site.  And begin the up-sells, and making cash when I get significant traffic!! 

I'm curious to hear how others are driving traffic to their directory.

You could also make simple testimonial videos for local business and show them on your site. You could eventually charge the companies to keep the videos there, or build better videos for them. And charge new customers to create their videos.

I am currently studying videography at local college - so personally my time to figure any of this out at the moment is nil. But .... I could set up a FB group; if you guys would like please let me know.  

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