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Social Directory: Driving Traffic? Lets Share Monetizing Secrets!

I just purchased Social Directory and I'm thinking it'd be awesome to share traffic and monetizing 'secrets' so we can learn from each other.

I have not set it up yet but I'll keep posted.

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Let me know you thoughts on this traffic and I will give you what I'm using to drive traffic to my website.

I just purchased Social Directory as well.  I would also love to brainstorm and share traffic and monetizing secrets!

Can anyone show me a real life example of this where they used this product?


Agree with Marcel Renses - Can you show a couple of examples - concept is obviously very exciting.  I also didn't see in any promotions the actual changing of the "Social Directory" logo to another??  Don't mind the investment if it is an investment with a ROI - would've liked a voiceover during tutorials -  it makes for a stronger learning and understanding.  Thanks!!

Hi, yes would like to share experiences to - I can't wait for the reactions when I launch :)


Siri, I'm looking forward to see what you do with SM. 

I haven't had time to 'play' with it yet to see what it can do.  So it'll be very interesting to see real life examples how ppl are using it.

Is there a charge for businesses to be listed in a directory? If so, what range of charges have been requested to be listed?

If you have required payment to be listed, is there any perimeters that the charges were based upon? i.e. size of city or niche being listed.

hi guys 

Do any one know if there is any plans to set up at Facebook Group for knowledge sharings or should we start one ourselfes?

So it would be great if you could create a spread sheet with names and addresses and just upload it. I know that there is an import export button but it seems unclear as how to do this.


Hi, we purchased an account from a WL dealer and they don't have training tutes! How can we get those on these types of accounts? Feeling a bit left out fellas!


My question is the same as Marcel Renses "Can anyone show me a real life example of this where they used this product?



@ John Quackenbush

I actually answed this in another thread but here is my template for importing


(348 Bytes)

@Tim, I believe you can chose to charge a biz to have a listing. It will depend what directory you create.

For example, I am creating one for my city, and I will want to have as many biz listed, so they bring their client list to write reviews on their listing and thus bring ton of traffic from all over town to the directory.

I intend to offer upgrades, such as having a premium listing for a coupon, which will bring visitors more directly to their offer. I also intend to have specialized listings, like a category for emergency services open 24/7. I also intend to create limited time offers on the timeline, so as to attract visitors to come back and promote these special offers on the newsletter. Such coupon/ads will be charged. 

Next, I intend to offer businesses who can observe the crazy volume of traffic which such a directory can generate to have a directory/page build for themselves, with different services on different tabs, etc

I also intend to offer a review video service to the listed businesses,  and post these videos for them on the timeline, on Youtube, on different citation sites, etc. Also offer website design to listed businesses who appreciate my services.

So to summarize, I would have a basic listing for free to have as many biz listed and make the directory a major resource for the city, where every business will want to be listed, and then monetize by upgrading to specialized services.

2) there is a special type of directory, where only a certain type of businesses are listed and only biz who want to cross promote each other (called wheel marketing) for example, a nail salon could want to be associated with a hair salon, and a spa, and a dog sitter, and a jewelry store which are all in a certain street or neighborhood, and they would have a loyalty program, where clients who get a service from one would be offered a special low offer to become client at the other non competitive biz. Same quality clientele for same quality services. This is a perfect platform for that!


I would love a FB Group, we have so much to share and learn from each other! I mentioned it to Karthik at support, and the answer was no. But yes we could create one ourselve. I would prefer Karthik to run it though. :-)

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