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 Does any one have a video how to set up the spread sheet to import the categories with the listings?

I have tryed several times from the training and it only puts listings in as categories.

this would go so much more faster building if that was available.

thanks for any help anyone could give me.

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That's a great suggestion Deborah,

Or even just a demo CSV file that we can use as a template to fill out the details.

yes - I experienced the same problem and adressed this to support and got this anwer:

As per our current tool the 1st category and the 1st listing will be displayed in the fanpage

We are trying to incorporate this category display order feature in our next update

Totallty agree! A CSV demo template is needed :)


My suggestion is what I did.

1) I put a test category and a test listing

2) Export after selecting the category

I know have an import template

I attached my import template i use in buillding a spreadsheet of listings

(348 Bytes)

Thanks Stan :-)

Thanks Stan, much appreciated!

Thanks Stan


No Problem your welcome


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