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 I was able to be on the first webinar offered by Chad where he went through the "bubbles" and offered a template that could be used to outsource.

Was that webinar saved and is there a link to view again.

Were there any additional training webinars?  And can they be viewed?

I am sure that all those on this forum would like to have access!

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I am unable to attend the webinars because of the time difference.
I was notified of the first replay but none since.
I would appreciate the replay links when available.


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I agree with both postings.  I work a regular day job and would appreciate replay links for the webinars.  I was able to attend the 1st one, but that is it. 


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I agree with the readers in this section as well.  Replays as used for training are needed as I too am occupied during the day hours.


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is their any update on getting these webinmars

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Busy schedules demand, 24 X 7 access to training videos.

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