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Lead Monster- Where to access?

Hello. I have not been sent my licence keys to lead monster even though the thank you page says that I have. I also do not know where to access the software. Thank you. 

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 How is this helpful? Knowing 3 others have been denied access to their purchase doesn't get me access, and it's a little discouraging that the original post hasn't been answered, leading me to guess that Fraser still has not received help with it.

 In addition, I purchased 2 days ago also, was denied access, and emailed your support, and still have received no reply. I am excited about this software, but frustrated at the (so far) unresponsive support.

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Could you please advise where the login details are??

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 I finally received an email on 03/28 with my login details, not as a response to my email to support which I sent on 03/25, or as a reply to my support ticket, also created days ago, but rather, an automated (supposedly repeat) welcome email with the subject line "Lead Monster login details inside". 

 The body copy stated "Here is your login information again, in case you missed it earlier", followed by, at long last, the details. (I didn't miss it earlier; the company "missed" sending it; as I did a search of both my inbox and spam filter).

 At the end, there is a prompt to upgrade, stating that if I had not upgraded to "the Pro version" yet, "today is the last day to do it", which presumably is why they send the "second" welcome email, and I did upgrade for several dollars more than it would have cost me, had I been granted access the day I purchased, since I was blocked from the upsell page as well as access to my purchase, until they finally sent my login. I had intended to upgrade, but was unable then, and nearly missed the opportunity, as I opened the email (the day I received it), a mere ten minutes before the discounted offer closed.

 To sum up, I am excited and hopeful the product does what it claims without too many glitches, but apprehensive about support, since I have tried to get it both ways that were provided, and have yet to have the request answered the better part of a week later. 

 Wake up Lead Monster support people; you are pissing off customers by ignoring us except when you're pitching.

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Hi Greg, thanks for the update, I am looking forward to trying Lead Monster however still no login details. I may consider the upsell but need to try the product first. It appears good value for money. Please let me know how you get on together with a peek of your page if the moderator allows.

Best Regards


I've got the same problem and sent an email today.



I just purchased it today and now going crazy trying to find the link. Seems that I'm having the same issue as you guys. I have never experienced this in all my days of purchasing digital products. What kind of service is this??? Very annoyed!

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