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Social Surveys Pro Group on Facebook

 I have created a Social Surveys Pro group on Facebook for adding Tips, Tricks and any other goodies anyone has to offer

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Excellent... As soon as Facebook enable my account, I'll be knocking on the door  :-D

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Great Roger that's a start.


Will you provide a link to the group here?

Kevin and Roger did you find the link?


no - can you share it here?  Or point me to where I can find it?

 The forum is taking out the link when I post it. just open FB and search for Social Surveys Pro

I just looked, couldn't find it.  Is it public???


Try again my BAD


Social Surveys Pro does not bring back any results in my facebook feed.

Post the link but put gaps in is so it does not appear as a link. We can then copy the link and remove the gaps to make it work.

Did you guy find the page


I just tried again.  It's not showing...


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-Rob.... My account is still disabled and fleecebook are not hurrying themselves, the tankers!

Just a suggestion... Just give us what comes after the single back slash  in fleecebooks url. You won't be giving the full url, only the bit that matters and David can have another crack at finding it.

Here is the link to Social Surveys Pro Facebook site


(5.36 KB)

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Thanks Rob - sent join request.

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