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emails - not being sent to new users


I'm using Social Directory and there is a section that is supposed to send emails to new users (Save & Sent To Mail) however, nothing is being sent.

How do we resolve, this.

Also, is there a way for users to request a lost password from the login screen?  I've created users, but, there doesn't appear to be a way for them to request a lost password?

Thanks in advance.

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 Ah, I see the "Forgot Password" link now but, I am still not getting emails.

Please advise. This is a very important factor that must be working.


I guess im not getting an answer.  Great support guys. :(


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What the hell?


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His problem is mine, as well. What the hell?

I’m havingFranks problem and my comment doesn’t post.

I’ll just watch my email like an idiot, NOT!


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