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Rebuild your software, dont use sitebuilders. Create a new site for each users with domain not a subdomain

Its hard to develop at the same time debugging with php source codes. Start from the scratch,im arbz and im looking for a good job.. Im doing php programming for 8 years and counting, if ever you wanted a good programmer, i can create a software for your web apps where it will not just build but create a website with domain of the clients choice where they logged on it for free, but depends on their updates. Call me to discuss more of it if anyone likes it. Because as of this moment, this techniques i am seeing on this site is quite lousy and prone to illegal activities which makes a bad reputation on the company itself, so act now or youll regret.
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I dont mean any harm or anything to turn the product down, but as i can see, support, integration and management seems misleading.
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