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Why do refunds take so long?

Why do refunds take so long?

It should not take days if you have all my info.

What are others doing about it?

Richard - How long did it take to get your refund?

I have the same question.

I'm not sure why they take so long - I just got my refund today, after emailing PayPal for assistance.  Refund request was over 2 weeks ago.

I am having the same issue. I have sent multiple requests for a refund and update on status of the refund, with no response.

I am going to contact PayPal for assistance. Thank you Lorna.

Most welcome, Kimberly. PayPal was very helpful - hopefully it is resolved soon.  L

I just went to PayPal as well. Thank you very much, Lorna.

Most Welcome! Hope all went smoothly and you got your refunds.  L

no he recibido nada

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