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I am not able to record the video on extempore app, I can just save my scripts Could you please help me with this Thanks, Shalini

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I can not login in using the email and password as sent to me on May 25 2019.

What do I do?

@shalinibandi that problem has been taken care of. I recorded the video myself.

Yes, I have Agency and my business partner would like to record using Extempore, how does he go about submitting his story? What is the procedure or step by step? Thanks

Does anyone know why there is a 10 minute restriction on video length or have suggestions how to make videos longer than 10 minutes? Are all videos created/saved "in the cloud" rather than locally on my own computer?

@DesignCutters 1.You can record a video upto 20 mins on the 'pro' version of Extempore. 2. After recording, the video gets automatically saved on your smartphone, accessible through file manager.
When I attempt to record a take the majority of my story gets deleted
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