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Poor Performance of Skilexa Platinum

Today I purchased Skilexa Platinum and I am very dissatisfied. One podcast I put through remains "in development" (whatever that means) and has been in that status from 10 am until 7 pm today and is still not finished.

This waiting all day for one podcast is unacceptable. I do not see the value of using Skilexa Platinum at all if it always takes this long to get anything done.

I really would like to get a full refund (both for Skilexa Commercial and Skilexa Platinum) since this experience has been very negative for me.

I was looking forward to using Skilexa.  It seemed a very interesting program, however, I have found two problems

Firstly, when I try to access Skilexa Commercial I am sent to a promotional upgrade page when I click to access my purchase.!  Is there a product for this?

The first time doing so, I purchased the upgrades - Platinum and Agency and then PlayPix.  It seems that although I have received confirmation of purchase.  I did not get any login information.  Also there is no training...

Seems weird to me  So let me go ahead and send in a support ticket and see where that gets me.

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Hi My dissapointment is about videosly. However, dıd you get a reply from the support? Because i sent 6 request with no reply. I'm süre these emails and support messages are sending auto responders to the support staff and owner.

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Hi Ergun,

I did get a reply, however, I have not had satisfaction to this point.  I do not wait around for vendors to determine how long I have before they refund me.  I usually take action, BUT NEVER EVER before I let them know that I intend to make a request with resolution centre.

You might consider the same thing?

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Looking for training videos or instructions for skilexa. These JVZOO get rich pyramid schemes are getting real shading selling junk for your email to sell more junk apps. I I dont get help i am going to ask for a refund.

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