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White label ssl issues

I just purchased White label to Survey Chimp.

I'm having trouble getting my Cname to work. I'm getting an SSL error in my browsers. My Domains are all hosted on . I am trying to use a subdomain of to deliver the white label product. The sub domain is has an SSL certificate and it is a wildcard certificate so subdomains should have SSL as well. 

I added to the Cname of the subdirectory but I continue to get SSL errors,. Can't figure it out. Hope you can help. Love the product.

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I'm having similar issues as Jim.

Well it doesn't loo promising for getting any resolution.  So much for support!

Yep, they've got our money now so give a damn!!

This is unacceptable and I'm not going to let this guy get away with it. It's bullshit!

same problem here. with forrk, the customer or client will not trust my website without SSL. especially if there is money or payment involved. hope someone can help me..

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@eloisa it seems that you can only use the whitelabel when using Cloudflare, but your clients can't login at your url, it has to be the forkk domain, same as for appointmatic ......

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