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Rewardsly Manage Client restrictions

Please add client access restrictions as you have with team member, this is critical as a whitelabel holder as the client login has full access to all.

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Following this topic as a white label holder.

I waited for the 18th of April to use the White label. I am now stuck.

Why do you feel stuck?
Stuck because support is very hard to reach and when I do, they are no help at all. All the promise made during the webinar about, we will build your agency site and even give you a 5 year free hosting. Now, when I finally tried the white label, I get 500/server error when I add a client. No reply to any of my support questions.

Hello to any Rewardly support out here.

I've sent numerous messages to support, intercom and via email in vain (i might be a little impatient here so sorry for my rant in advance).

Can you please, please...please,  activate so I can add clients and team members in my Rewardsly Platinum white label account...I am now getting a contact support notification when trying to add client and team member in Platinum and can only use my Enterprise level...and thats not what i wanted. 

It would be equally good to make it so that a team member can be assigned the same store as client under agency...does not seem to work in the non-whitelabel plan.

Again, since we have all waited for a month (without any clear notices prior to buying that it would take this long) but anyway you have justified it to make sense for yourselves.. so I will leave it for now.

Please note that I've invested a  month to learn the software and to get sales people involved and built a business on top...create sales materials...paid to get prospective clients etc etc and get ready for really need the platinum to be set up as promised. I think all is done correctly on my end...unless I totally missed something.

So, if this can be sorted pronto, I would be a happy camper. 

Hoping for response...again...soon.


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Looks like trouble here
Semi Joh, I have also been facing the same error 505 issue when I try to add on a new client. I hope we either get a response soon or it’s fixed shortly
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