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Questions&Answers re Issues/suggestions about Rewardsly WhiteLabel Accounts


Hello, I have a whitelabel account for Rewardsly.

This is for me about selling Rewardsly under my own brand that I choose, as suggested in the OTO update to whitelabel offer.

While I can access the whitelabel url by pressing 'Access Whitelable' from the left hand side menu.

Howevver there, is a problem, when I add my branding clients if they want to manage their account themselves still have to use the rewardsly brand in the url link for me under my whitelabel account giving them permission to manage their account themselves. [The link clearly has the 'rewardsly' name at the start of the url.] I need for them to be able to manage their own acount themselves under my whitelabel account

Please can you enable a way in the Whitelabel dashboard for me to provide a url that relates to my brand and that will enable them to see my brand when they manage their own account under my brand. Otherwise they will get confused between my brand and the rewardsly brand. The whole purpose of the whitelabel option is for me to be able to resell & manage Rewardsly under my OWN brand.

Please can you resolve this important issue & respond ASAP as this is urgent to be resolved.

Please explain in detail how this can be done and provide screenshots.

Many Thanks

Stephen Tovey

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Stephen Tovey Did you get any response for this? It has been 4 days now? Would love to know how you are getting on with it.

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I am also waiting..

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Hopefully not another abandoned product. Probably upgrading and will charge us all for a new launch. 

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This may appear a silly question, but
Did anyone get any advice / instruction on the white label installation?

I finally have access but no real idea of what I am meant to do.
I stalled at the url section as it appears to be similar to the rewardsly url
with the rewardsly branding etc

Any help greatly appreciated


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Forget it folks! You've been had - There is not going to be any support now or i n the future.

The total silence is testimony that you just got jacked for $100 bucks like I did and now what do you do?

Well if you were planning on launching an agency on this platform it's probably becoming painfully clear that there are issues, none of which  have (or ever will be ( at least no in the foreseeable future) will likey ever be resolved.

The up side for me is that this is nothing more than an experiment.

I still be able to offer local businesses loyally reward programs. Gift cars will take a little bit more programming but the bottom line is, Rewardsly had a chance to be an awesome got product.

Instead, it joins the pantheon of shame for total lack of support for the people who spent thier money with this business.

P.S. Unfortunately, the total lack of response from support has prompted me to consider a credit card dispute. It's not the money per se - it's the principle. I had high hopes for this and they made sure they did nothing to make that a reality!

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Thanks rewardsly for sending me a video with a response to my query re whitelabel own branding url rather than a rewardsly url.

I have had a reply with a link to a video about how to. I have seen the video.

I have been very busy, and not had a chance to see if it resolves the issue.

For others asking similar questions - ask for a copy from rewardsly of that video they sent me.

The more people who try what has been suggested, the better we will know if the

result is what resolves the problem or if it does not and need them to provide further info for a fix!



They are receptive and helpful. Karthik actually writes back. I'm getting his help. They are committed. I have always received replies to support tickets in a very professional and helpful manner. They are not scamming anyone. I'm confident my product will be functional once they help me out. I'm reserving any judgment.
These BASTARDS even taken down the support videos.

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Really? They send links to videos. Have you tried asking?



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I don't know, but I've had video links sent for issues I'm having.
I see what you mean about the videos.

You can find a support video's not much, but it does give a run down.

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