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Questions&Answers re Issues/suggestions about Rewardsly WhiteLabel Accounts


Hello, I have a whitelabel account for Rewardsly.

This is for me about selling Rewardsly under my own brand that I choose, as suggested in the OTO update to whitelabel offer.

While I can access the whitelabel url by pressing 'Access Whitelable' from the left hand side menu.

Howevver there, is a problem, when I add my branding clients if they want to manage their account themselves still have to use the rewardsly brand in the url link for me under my whitelabel account giving them permission to manage their account themselves. [The link clearly has the 'rewardsly' name at the start of the url.] I need for them to be able to manage their own acount themselves under my whitelabel account

Please can you enable a way in the Whitelabel dashboard for me to provide a url that relates to my brand and that will enable them to see my brand when they manage their own account under my brand. Otherwise they will get confused between my brand and the rewardsly brand. The whole purpose of the whitelabel option is for me to be able to resell & manage Rewardsly under my OWN brand.

Please can you resolve this important issue & respond ASAP as this is urgent to be resolved.

Please explain in detail how this can be done and provide screenshots.

Many Thanks

Stephen Tovey

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I have had help. I just open a ticket.

Sorry, Covid 19 excuses are not going to cut it. This is business and when you open shop and take people money they you need to be prepared to deliver a working product or service not excuses.

If Covid 19 is a problem then don't sell products you can't support. Simple as that.

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I am reluctant to play around with it as I may  not be able change things if I get it wrong

WP is used for 'the other pages' you refer to

It is the website used to promote / sell the Rewards/Gift Cards

You may not need one - depends how you intend to promote / market your product/service

How do you intend to promote / market your product / service - Customer Rewards and Gift Cards?

I have almost given up on this aspect - I am thinking of sourcing a suitable theme

If I can just get the White Label sorted I may be able to set up a few stores and go door knocking 

Garry, Things are working on my end. I'd be interested in knowing how you're doing this on WP. I'm just rolling with the white label and re-branding. I know I need to add pages with other information. They will help to resolve the issue. It takes time. Always best to share screenshots with diagram for clarity.

That's great news
Please let me know how it goes for you!

I am trying to be patient.

Obviously the guys are having difficulty with mine as I have
still not heard back from them.  I have not been able to install
the theme on my WP site and am waiting on the team to help
with this and setting up my white label.

Support is responding but I am having difficulty understanding 
some of their messages as I am fairly new to this.

Can't wait to get it all sorted as I have a number of interested clients

Whitelabel agency.


Is that your Agency Website or you Rewardsly Platform you are testing?

Guys, I am getting help. I asked for configuration help and my SMTP is working. I was told the videos will be back up very soon. They have their reasons, but please bear with it. Please also keep in mind that India is experiencing the worst turbulence of covid right now. The team is responding. I'm testing my site today.

Stephen Tovey

Is it possible you could share the link to the white label installation / setup
video that you mentioned in you post?

Stacy I have found a number of videos that may help in some aspects

Looks like their Youtube account has been suspended

Luckily Ben Murrary has some on Vimeo

Hope they help

I still haven't worked out how the White Label and Agency sections work
or their relationship to the main platform etc

Rewardsly Video Ben Murray

Rewardsly Demo

Rewardsly Overview

Set up Store / QR Code

Multiple QR Codes for one Store

Advanced Settings

Gift Cards


Payment Integration




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Thank you.
Okay thank you.

Stephen Tovey  Did the video on White Label installation help you register your white label version

and is it truly white label?  Ie.  No reverence to any other url than your own?

Kemlesh are you sure your responses are from Karthik
Mine are are not, they are actually signed off by a support person.  Check just under Karthik's sign off

The answers i receive are vague and most unhelpful.  Video or not.

The back end area of the rewards / gift cards was pretty straight forward.

I am still trying to have my agency website setup on my domain so that I can edit and control it.

I still have no idea what the domain in the White Label is all about and just what is required in 
these fields (Apart from the obvious - Images etc

I wonder if they have sold too many and can't keep up or not enough to maintain support?

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