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Is anyone understanding how this whitelabel is suppose to work. I am not understanding and I waited for April 18 to start promoting this service.  But I do not understand.  I asked for a tutorial video to explain whitelabel process.. The message I got back they will create one in the future.  But I wanted to start advertising.  

Is anyone having success with this program if so can you help me.    I need help with whitelabel and also how do you upload the website.  Aso did anyone get there bonuses I emailed the crew at project supermacy but no message back.  

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I am hearing you Yvonne!
I have finally got access to the white label version but
I have no real idea what I am meant to do with it

Tried to install the website via the sketchy advice, but
it failed to install.  Then they installed it on their hosting
and I had no access to it to edit it etc.  No links work 
correctly etc etc

Great concept but the execution is on the sad side



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Unfortunately we are all in the same boat. Support is useless when you finally get hold of them. From the demo and playing around with it, this I thought was the best app that will be loved by local business and my bank account. But, I struggled setting up my agency site. Then waited until the 18th April for the white label which was also a waste of time. I set my domain up fine, but when I add a client and I go to login as client, I kept getting error 500. Sent several messages to support, no answer. What a pity, this could have truly lived up to the hype "Starbucks style" had the guys took this seriously as a true brand instead of just another launch, here today and gone tomorrow. I wish you all the best, but I am done with these kinds of products. What was I thinking to think that I can build a viable agency on the back of a software that has no interest in developing and supporting the software? No support what so ever from the get go. I would happily pay £100 a month for a software that can deliver and is fully supported from set up, tutorials and continuous development. Yvonne Moor and Garry, count your loses and move on is the best advice I could give you. Oh, and make sure you get your money back too.

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Yes you would think with a couple months buffer here they could at least provide some kind of tutorial, etc.

like many others I’ve waited (and waited) fir this whitelabel and when it finally is made available it’s just “there”. Sadly I’m getting the same from a different vendor with a similar product, growviral.

They get your money and then they ghost you.

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The truth is that date was an extension to surpass the refund ratio, that is if in fact you just so happen to purchase this opportunity about or within the same time frame that I have.  

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I am starting to wonder if this is the new trend. Launch a product with several upsells and then when the highest level of the upgrade is supposedly released, it is beyond the refund period; hence, the developer has no obligation to support, update, or service their customer. After the refund period, there is no recourse against the vendor because the refund period has lapsed. If you think about it, that's a slick gimmick. I am 30 seconds from kissing all of these affiliate marketing "businesses/opportunities" goodbye. 

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