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Integration with a member database

Dear Market Presto, Before I upgrade from elite to unlimited elite I need to confirm some potential features and abilities. We are building a comprehensive, white labled community builder web based app. The app will be rolled out to a variety of member organisations as well as a variety of our own brands to build a significant posted in database of members across Australia. We have a large number of potential apps and services that wish to be included and would select their own target markets etc, based on the ongoing profile building of each member via various means. We wish to have a market place system that can be filtered by our member database so when a member logs into their app, the market place option provides results form local and regional location as default option. This would also be linked to their location system in their phone or computer. Obviously there would be the ability to click a tab to expand the search by state or national. We would love to utilise Market Presto as air market app and work with you to achieve our required outcome while they also become an additional feature for Market Presto. Please respond on the basis that we can achieve this goal and potentially on a JV basis so we both get a positive, win/win outcome. Sincerely, Glenn O'Rourke Tribe Finder Pty Ltd Australia
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